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Guaranteed tough.

When you reach for most power tools, there is always the question if they're going to work. When you reach for a DEWALT® power tool, there you can be certain that it will. DEWALT power tools are guaranteed tough.


DEWALT power tools have been a top choice among contractors for decades and are regularly relied upon for their strength and durability. DEWALT power tools are rigorously tested to insure that they can take the roughest of treatment in the harshest conditions.


In fact, when asked what brand of tools they use most often, more professional contractors said DEWALT than any other brand.



You know the problem: Your corded power tool has the power you need to get the job done. But the cord gets in the way and ties you down. Your cordless tools give you the freedom to work anywhere, but just just don't have the power. And their batteries run out when you need them the most.

How do you get the power you need without sacrificing mobility? With DEWALT FlexVolt.

All The Tools. One Battery System.

If you already own DEWALT's 20V Max cordless tools, you won't have to replace them. The FlexVolt battery system is compatible with all 20V Max cordless power tools. So you can keep the tools you love, and get even more runtime out of them.

Maximum Versatility

The FlexVolt battery automatically changes voltage when you change tools. The battery switches to 20 volts when connected to your DEWALT 20V MAX cordless tools, giving you unparalleled runtime. Plugged into DEWALT's new 60V and 120V FlexVolt cordless tools, the battery automatically switches voltage to give you the same power you can expect from a corded power tool.

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